Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cintiq 21UX

Cintiq 21UX
I did it.

I said I didn't see the use -- I already feel 100% natural on the regular Wacom tablet, but watching the demo videos and realizing I could pivot the Cintiq around like an animation board was something I hadn't thought about. I've got a new picture book in the works with old NYC in perspective and I don't use straight edges so I've got to be able to tilt the tablet to draw accurate lines.

Here's how I'm set up, L-shaped desks (actually cheap Ikea dining tables) and my chair with arms removed and set at maximum height. I have a stool under my desk for my feet. I had thought to put the Cintiq straddling both desks (diagonally) and keep the keyboard on the left for typing software shortcuts in Painter/Photoshop -- but decided to go cold turkey and get used to using the Cintiq tabs for the shortcuts I use most often.

My other two concerns in investing in the Cintiq were messing up the screen with my palm (I'm the type to yell "DON'T TOUCH THE SCREEN" if anyone so much as points in the direction of one of my monitors) and secondly, it seems to me that perching bent-necked over a table again is a step backwards in terms of ergonomics. Time will tell. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I just hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

Kristi Valiant said...

Congrats on the new picture book! Your artwork is wonderful. I hope the new Cintiq works well for you.

Doug said...

just found your blog thru Jacketflap. I'm enjoying looking around in it. You mentioned that you updated your website recently. I can't find a link on your blog to your website... where are you hiding it?

oh... nice work!

MJM said...

SHERRY: It is a beautiful machine. First thing I thought was -- YAY --it looks just like a monster version of my Intuos 3! Then I turned it on. Definitely the nicest "monitor" I own.

KRISTI: Thank you! First proofs are back from the printer and KITCHEN DANCE is almost a real book!

DOUG: Wow, can't believe I didn't have a link to my site. Now I do -- thanks for letting me know!

Doug said...

thanks, I found the link to you website.
You have some great looking work there!

Phyllis Harris said...

I can't even imagine the art you will produce with this thing!! I LOVE mine. I never got used to drawing with my regular wacom tablet, I could only use it for painting but with this new gem it's a whole different story. Hope you enjoy your new Cintiq as much as I do.

Can't wait to see Kitchen Dance!!

aaronp said...

Maurie, I love your blog, so informative, written in a fun style. very addictive. I'm 90 % digital now and a lot of what you are sharing is very helpful. Thanks for sharing this with us all.
Check out my own blog if you get a minute:

Ps, I found you through jacketflap too.
Take care, and please continue to inspire us.

Ginger*:) said...

Oooooooooo.... you have the best "toy" a tradigital artist could acquire! There is a little glove you can buy with the pinky covered and all the other fingers free. Maybe you will get one of those.

Enjoy the cintiq.... I am longing for one and promised to myself with the next book.

I am LOVING the Kitchen Dance! The trailer is wonderful.

MJM said...

Ginger -- I thought I was going to have trouble with my hand being gloveless, but not so much. What I'm finding a bit strange and annoying is that my STYLUS leaves marks behind. I can wipe most of them off with the microfiber cloth I keep beside me, but there are definitely some scratches too that I can see in certain slants of light.