Friday, April 27, 2007

At the Beach

I'm looking at the pile of post-its on the schedule to my right and I have seven jobs due next month. This is not counting the massively time consuming digital pastel finals for one trade book due at the end of next month (two samples just up on my website -- "winter" and "autumn" -- and the sketches for Kitchen Dance. So what am I doing this Friday? Playing with Painter and wondering why I didn't establish myself with a simpler style like this!
My next stage of procrastination before full-out creative panic and 24 hour workdays begin, will be to notice every speck of dust on my furniture and ball of dog fur on the floor and decide cleaning takes immediate priority over working on my deadlines.
And yet, if I schedule myself sensibly, my finishes are all tight and overworked.


Jack said...

Great blog, Maurie; I looked at all the posts up to today and loved all the detail about working with Painter. Your stuff looks terrific. I dabble in watercolor, & Life Drawing, (and YA writing), and I'm inspired to check out Painter.

rickart said...

Hey there! Read your email! ;)

Hi Maurie! Rick here! I have news (I'm living in the Bay Area now!) and I have a question for you... I sent you an email with the details, so please have a look.

The blog looks grand! Nice work as always! Be sure to stop in at the TAG blog... we always love to see you there!

ryan said...

I found you :D
So good to see your drawings again. It brings me back to my childhood :)
Kinda weird to be someone's childhood inspiration?
Of course Im still drawing, and I too am trying to develop a simpler faster style. Not an illustrator yet, and nothing to show you.
But Im finally living in Japan!
I hope this made sense. Im forgetting English. It takes too long to make up proper sentences, so I dont bother anymore.

ryan said...

thanks! great to hear from you.

id like to see the same from you! I know youre busy, but no new drawings up in 7 months? Just aint right.

The Wired Angel said...

Love your sketches.. have you ever thought of turning them into digital images for card-making.. check out my blog to see some of the ones I purchase to make cards.. I would love to have some of yours...You definitely could be doing this..

Regards, Peggy

Mel said...

funny blogg ! Beautiful images/artwork thank goodness you were introduced to digital images for cardmaking, now im utterly hooked ! Thanks for sharing. will let you know when managed to find time to use my purchases - my schedule it about as cramped as yours !!! Mel