Monday, October 11, 2010

Cintiq Workstation

My boring, boring workstation!  I used to have another large table to the left in an 'L' shape, but lugged it downstairs for my sewing machine room.  So this is all that's left.  (Hmm, need to recycle that 50 pound red Dell underneath the table.  It has been unplugged for a year.)

The Cintiq slides easily forward like this when I draw.  I keep the mouse underneath and just stick my hand between the legs of the cintiq to use it.  Keyboard to my left so I can use my Painter or Photoshop shortcut keys.  (I don't use the buttons on the Cintiq at ALL -- my brain is just too addicted to "command-Zing"

Just tilt the Cintiq up again and slide it back to use it for a monitor.  The iMac screen to the left is where I normally have my email and whatever site I've been procrastigoogling.  That's a TV above.