Thursday, June 09, 2005

Real Watercolor

REAL watercolor. Wow, well I lied about this site being digital only, I am putting up a traditionally painted watercolor, ta dahhh! It's the first I've done in probably seven or eight years. (The pencil drawing underneath was done digitally and printed on watercolor paper using my Epson 2200 and I added a little contrast and some tweaking of shadows after scanning in the finished painting.)

All the wonderful things I've heard about printing out a drawing with the 2200 are true. The printout looks like genuine pencil lines, but doesn't smear or lift off with paints or even when using a liquid mask. Most of my illustrator friends seem to scan in their traditionally drawn pencil sketch where I still like to sketch in Painter. But either way, how freeing to know that my sloppy watercolor work won't ruin my drawing. I can just print out another if I screw up!


Paige Keiser said...

A non-digital drawing? I'm just going to have to stop coming here, this is just too much ;-)

I LOVE this Maurie! It's so nice to look at i could stare at it all day. From the subtle way you placed his feet and toes, the clear water dripping down the side of the pool and flowing over the boy's trunks. I really admire your work and hope to learn from your sketches and drawings. You really know life. You know what I mean? You seem to notice all the details that make a picture believable and real. Plus your talent in your portrayal of people/animals--they look so natural, and full of life. You have yourself a new Fan!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mauriel - I really am so happy I found your site. I had no idea that digital drawings could be created this way. I have a technical question: How are you uploading images to your blogger account? What server do you use?

MJM said...

I'm using "Picasa" and "Hello" to send images to my blog . . . the Google tools Blogger recommended (I'm on a PC). I believe "Picasa"'s function is to create a library of all the images on your computer and "Hello" actually sends them to your blog.

Thanks both of you for your inspiring comments on my artwork! Sure makes me feel like playing with my blog instead of working on these educational projects I'm neck deep in. :)

Courtney said...

You have stunning, interesting, beautifully composed pieces and I am sooo jealous.

Kathleen Marie said...

If I hang out here for long, I'll be wanting to dig up the digital software from the depths of my hard drive... then I'll have to go get a drawing tablet... then I'll not get anything done around the house, because I would then be addicted to digital painting. Ha ha. I love your work! I'm still stuck in the stone ages of traditional watercolor. I used to have a Wacom tablet when I was dabbling with Mac systems and Illustrator and Painter years ago, but I've got Windows now, and haven't invested in any new digital drawing equipment lately. Thanks for sharing all your fantastic work, traditional and digital. ;)

MJM said...

Kathleen Marie -- you have my sister's name!

I'm on a PC too -- yes, the setup can be expensive, but according to my foray to the art store last week for "real" watercolor supplies, being an artist is expensive in any media! Try Ebay for digital drawing software and hardware cheap!